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Sales Extra has a wide range of easy-to-use techniques

Are Your Sales Routes 100% Clear? Testing them is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Sales + Marketing Coaching

Impartial, objective feedback and monitoring to distil what will work best

Plans. Observation. Monitoring. Testing and Checking. Practise and rewards. 

Be the best in your area, and in all departments. Beat the competition.   

2. Sales Rescue

Do you want to get the most from Consumer, B2B and Online Customers?

Tailor-made, joined-up Sales, Customer Relations and Marketing.

Convert + Retain even bigger numbers of Retail + B2B + Web Customers

3. Video Mystery Customers

UK-wide professional Mystery B2B + Retail customers safeguard your sales 

Regular checks on your Business. Check  Customer Service + Premises.

Telephone checks and non-video visits tooLittle things. Big differences !!   

Why Choose Sales Extra?

1. Over 25 years’ experience: Automotive, B2B, Retail, Leisure, Health

2. We have 000’s of professionals across the UK

3. “Snapshot” package from £95+VAT. Larger programmes, pay monthly

4. Get more from Budgets, control costs. Prices held 3 years, no extras

5. Corporate-style results, sensibly-priced for enterprises of all sizes

What you can achieve

1. Test and Check standards 

2. Test and Improve Employee Sales techniques

3. Checkout your Competitors on Sales, Service and Pricing too

4. Joined-up Sales and Marketing to achieve Targets and Objectives

As a starting point for a single location or outlet you can build your own great package for under £150 a year

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