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Sales Extra Helps Organisations To

Improve Sales and Convert More Leads Into Paying Customers

Sales Process Optimisation and Training

Sales Technique Reinforcement to find what works best   

Monitor, check and test. Practising and rewards. Would proof in the form of Video and Audio feedback also be useful?

Customer Capture, Retention and Referrals

Do you want to get the most from Retail, Business and Online Customers?

Once you have sold to all those customers, would you like to keep them, grow them and harvest them?

Service and Standards Improvement

To safeguard Sales, we help you to check and maintain standards regularly

Little things make all the difference. Be the best in your area. At the same time, why not be the best in all departments too?

Why Choose Sales Extra?

Exploit the power of really understanding your customers, yes those nice people who pay your company’s bills.

Find out as much as you can about what really makes them tick. Get fresh perspectives to see buying from a customer’s point of view and use this to explore new opportunities.

Harness this power together with the combined knowledge and motivation of your own organisation, as well as your Sales Partners. Cover any combination of B2B Accounts, Industrial Customers and Consumers.

Outperform your competitors, by identifying the most effective responses. Build up the techniques that work best at winning and keeping the maximum number of customers. Turbo-charge your sales through fine-tuning.

So, for a regular sum, from just £85.00 plus VAT / month, a resource with any combination of reported results that you want, can be tailormade just for you. Just pick and mix whatever you need and build your own affordable, flexible package to fit:

• Your Objectives
• Your Sales and Marketing plans
• Your Budgets

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