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Sales Extra has more than 50 pathways which deliver very cost-effective

Solutions…..and Results 

Grow your Sales and Aftersales, from only £10+VAT/month*

How Sales Extra works………

Control your budget and choose your very own Steps, Modules and Styles 

1. Each Step could be any combination of different Products or Services or Months or Sales Regions or Campaigns. You can have as many Steps as you want. You can choose these to fit in with your budget and objectives

2. Then choose between 1 and 50 Modules for each Step, depending on your budget and objectives.  Our Top Modules are listed below

3. Select any Style for each module: Gold or Silver or Bronze. Yet another way for you to control budget, with different levels of reporting. *From just £10+VAT per location per month, depending on quantity and complexity.

….so you’re in control

4. Decide how many locations, or outlets, or organisations to cover, and also how often to run your Steps and Modules for each one of these

5. Receive your Sales Extra quotation, We just need an outline of your Steps and Modules.  We will maintain the same rates for 3 years from go, and you can change your plan at any time. Plus you can pay monthly too

STOP PRESS: from just £12+VAT if you just want to try us out with one Mystery Telephone call, you can simply pay by credit card or PayPal. 

Whatever you want to achieve, Sales Extra can help make it happen.  We will agree a flat, flexible, controllable monthly cost to make it manageable too

1.Top Sales Modules

We help you to remove sales obstacles and find new ways to win, retain and regain more customers than before  

  • Sales Coaching
  • Sales Pipeline plugs
  • Employee Feedback
  • Sales Enquiry Training
  • Sales Outlet consensus
  • Trade-Routing
  • Sales Rescue
  • Sales Revival
  • Sales Retention
  • Hands-on Exhibition Support
  • Sales Observation
  • 3rd party dynamic shifter

2.Top Marketing Modules

With tailor-made, objective input from Sales Extra, adding value and revenue streams becomes a whole lot easier 

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Product Management + Coaching
  • iPOPs ©
  • Sales Turbo
  • Market Patrol
  • Focus Groups
  • Advertising + Promotional Themes
  • Potential Customers’ Attitudes 
  • Expectations + Preferences
  • Content, Copywriting, Articles & PR
  • Brands/Products: Awareness + Opinions
  • Feature, Advantage, Benefit analysis

3.Top Mystery Modules

Hear and listen to your Sales Machine in action through Mystery Shopping. Check what should happen, happens

  • Sales Zoom and Focus
  • Customer Service Patrol
  • Snapshot
  • Sales Barometer
  • Competitor Checks
  • Premises checks
  • Moments of Truth
  • Enquiry responsiveness
  • Unvarnished truth
  • Mystery Visits, can be video-recorded 
  • Mystery Phone calls, can be recorded
  • Mystery email/web enquiries

How does this help my business? Well, this is also as easy as 1…2…3…

1. Grow Sales & Profits

  • Find and Plug Sales pipeline leaks
  • Track Performance and Maximise Sales
  • Increased Sales Conversion
  • Gain Market Share from competitors
  • Easy-to-use Results for Easier Sales
  • Ensure Procedures are Followed

2. Gold, Silver or Bronze

  • Mix and match different levels of report
  • Bronze:  data and/or recordings only
  • Silver: as Bronze plus Standard reporting
  • Gold: with Premium reporting 
  • Measure Sales Effectiveness
  • Clear results for invaluable insights

3. Save Time, Money & Trust

  • Fast Results, Tailored To Your Needs
  • Coaching gives flexible outcomes
  • Sales, Marketing & Outlets co-operation
  • Resolve network issues confidentially
  • Tried and tested Pathways for Results
  • Controllable, Cost-effective Solution

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